Celebrating Our 50th Year in Business

Here we have a beautiful collection of Limited Edition 50th Anniversary Bowls created by
Charles Lotton, David Lotton, Daniel Lotton, & Robert (Lotton) Lagestee.

At the top we have two Crystal Bowls with Charles' signature Multiflora Decor in Pink or Purple
and each one offers a shimmering Iridescent Interior.
Below we have four Opal Blue Bowls designed by David Lotton with
Triflora Decor in Purple, White, Pink, or Orange,
each offering you a beautifully rich Cobalt Blue Lined Interior.

There are only a few of each style and color available so call or message us for more information,
or come to our gallery in Crete and see them for yourself!

Take advantage of this rare, once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain a beautiful collectors piece made with
pure dedication, teamwork, focus, and detail by four glass artists in the Lotton Family.
Come to Lotton Art Glass, where our flowers are always in bloom!

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Purple IMG 6676 TU RS white img 6034 tu anniversary rs
Pink IMG 7035 TU2 RS Yellow Orange IMG 7052 TU CR FINAL RS